Power Vac Duct Cleaning System

Duct Cleaning

We at Bear Heating & Cooling, Inc. use the Power Vac Duct Cleaning System. This system uses a giant power vacuum mounted on an 18 foot trailer.  The process involves using high quality masking tape to seal off all registers; this seals the system from leakage.  Then we attach a 6” vacuum hose to the ductwork and turn on the vacuum.  Next we remove the tape from each register as we blow down the register with a high pressure blower.  The newly cleaned register run is then closed off with tape, and we move to the next one, until we finish all of the register runs.  This blow down along with the vacuum pulling causes all the dirt and debris in the register run to be moved into the main trunk.  Once in the main trunk we use ductwhip, which is an air hose with three smaller ¼ inch hoses attached.  The whip uses 125 pounds of air pressure to cause the small hoses to whip and blow the dirt and debris into the vacuum hose and up and out of the house into the trailers dust bin.  The duct work is now spotless.  The duct cleaning is now complete and we do a further cleanup which involves removing tape and any job associated materials from the home.

We also offer sanitizer that is sprayed into the ductwork to kill any bacteria.

Ask about our air quality packages which include:

  • High performance filtration
  • Ultraviolet lights
  • Outside fresh air exchangers
  • Sanitizers
  • Humidifiers
  • Electronic air cleaners